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        As a national-level new high-tech enterprise, our company specializes in the production of air cleaning plant, project service and application study of clean technology. We can offer all-round service for air conditioner equipment, auto-control system of air conditioner and the cleaning-room system. At any time we are pleased to offer package solution and turn-key project for purifying air in all kind of industry.


        The company makes developing the clean undertaking and creating the best artificial environment as our own duty. We are introducing the most advanced science-tech and craft in the world. According to the requirements of Standard of American Union FS209E, national standard GB50073-2001, national GMP, U.S.A.FDA standard and ISO2000 standard, we can offer high quality air treatment equipment and engineering service for the trade such as textile and chemical fiber, microelectronics, optical cable and optical fiber, instrument and meter, medical and health, food and beverage, Aero-Space, scientific research and teaching etc.


        The company has already become the biggest supplier of the air conditioner for the process of chemical fiber of our country at present, as well making achievements out of ordinary in other trades. Outstanding group, good mechanism of management, firm and indomitable willpower and technology innovated constantly will lead Zedford Artificial Environment Engineering Co., Ltd into the ripe steadily and at last lead her to march toward the word.